What does Collect Annual Subscription Cover?

  • Our annual subscription allows any biller or merchant to access a bundle of products under Collect, ie, Deep Links, BBPS and PhonePe. Pay a yearly charge and collect payments using any one or more of the options on Collect. Please note that the subscription only covers the access and support fee, and that additional per transaction charges do apply and are subject to change depending on NPCI / BBPS guidelines.

How are the transaction charges calculated?

  • Transaction charges are calculated based on the Collect product that is being used by the biller or merchant. Here are the current charges:
    • Rs 0 - If paid using UPI Deep Links. We’re passing on the benefit of zero service provider fees charged for UPI transactions, as mandated by NPCI. This is applicable until the scheme offer lasts.
    • Rs 10 - If paid via PhonePe Bill Payments. Pricing may vary depending on category and transaction value.
    • Rs 12 - If paid via BBPS. For certain types of payments you may be allowed to pass on the cost to the customers