Can I pass on the cost to the customer?

  • The transaction charges or the MDR is supposed to be borne by the biller / merchant as per standard guidelines from the RBI.
  • However, there are certain business categories - such as education - where the RBI has allowed for such provision where the actual cost of transaction can be passed on to the customer.
  • Talk to us if you are in doubt about whether your business falls under such a category and we can help you navigate this.

What happens if I pass the cost to the customers?

  • The customers may raise a dispute with the competent regulator or authority regarding this, resulting in legal action as defined by the related regulation / law. Setu would not be a party to such a case, and would immediately put your transactions and funds on hold till such a matter is resolved.
  • The designated regulators may take a suo moto cognizance of the matter, resulting in similar actions as defined above.