What are the categories of pricing?

  • We have the following types of annual subscriptions:
    • Growth Plan - Rs 10,800/year. T+2 settlements
    • Scale Plan - Rs 108,000/year T+1 (Coming soon)
    • Custom Plan - Talk to us! (For aggregators and large developers)

What if the customer wants to use only one product or a specific period of time (like less than a year or for a few months)?

  • We currently offer only yearly plans that include all of the services as described in the plan and we encourage our customers to make the maximum use of these.
  • However, if a customer wants to discontinue the plan after a certain period, they can reach out to Setu’s support team to cancel their subscription. After cancellation, the customer’s Setu account would not be charged for the subsequent year.
  • For a cancelled account, all sandbox and prod access via APIs would be blocked. However they will not lose access to Setu Console and all the transaction related data and reports would still be available via Console for a period of one year.