CSV Upload for bill collection- FAQs

  • What is CSV upload system?
    This is a system that can be used to quickly go live on BBPS. You can upload your customers' bill data as CSV files and Setu will interface with the BBPS systems to allow you to do bill collections.

  • Which biller categories are supported?
    Currently Loan repayments and Education Fee collection are supported.

  • What are the steps I need to perform to go live?
    1. Sign up
    2. Download the template for data
    3. Upload some test data into the system
    4. URL with Setu Team
    5. Setu team will configure you on BBPS and perform testing with the Bank and NPCI
    6. Once you are ready to go live, you will be informed. 
    7. Upload real customer data.

  •  What happens when the customer pays the bill?
    When the customer pays the bill, the amount paid will be subtracted from the bill amount. When there is no more amount to be paid, customer will see no outstanding amount message on Payer Apps.

  • What happens when I upload new data?
    The older data for that customer is overwritten.

  • Can I upload excel files?
    No, we only accept CSV files.

  • My customer has paid through another channel, how do I update?
    You can update a customer's record in our system by uploading new batch of data with outstanding amount as 0. You can upload fresh data as many times as you want and keep our system refreshed.

  • How long is the csv files stored for?
    Your CSV files are stored for 1 month and are deleted from our system

  • How can I delete all my data in your system?
    Contact our support and we will delete all your data in our system.

  • What happens if I exclude a customer line item in the last upload? Will the system keeps fetching as per old records?
    Yes. The only way to mark a customer as no outstanding balance is to make sure you upload a new record with that customer's outstanding amount as 0.

  • How much time does it take to reflect your system whenever there is a fresh upload?
    The data is refreshed in our systems in under 10 minutes.  However on BBPS payer apps do cache the bills and it might take a while before the data is updated for them. Please make sure you update the right data always to make sure your customer does not face any issues.

  • Is there any validation check done on data uploaded ?
    No, the system does not validate any details about the data.

  • If there are errors in some of the rows, is there a way to know this?
    No, the CSV system does not give visibility into this. It expects data uploaded to be in the exact format and the file to be valid.