1. Do you have any test data/identity for validating API in the sandbox?

    1. PAN
      1. Use ABCDE1234A for a valid PAN
      2. Use ABCDE1234B for an invalid PAN, i.e, a PAN number has been found but is invalid
      3. If you use any other values for PAN you will get a 404 PAN not found error.
    2. Aadhar Verification
      1. Use 999999990019 as the Aadhaar number for success
      2. Use 773032249986 for an Aadhaar that does not have a linked mobile number
      3. Use 2GAD0 for valid captcha and any other value for invalid.
      4. Use 123456 for a valid OTP.
      5. Use 123457 for OTP to mimic 1st failed attempt.
      6. Use 123458 for OTP to mimic 2nd failed attempt.
      7. Use 123459 for OTP to mimic failed attempts limit exceeded.
    3. Bank Account Verification
      1. Always set the account number value as 1234567890 
      2. ABCD0123456—successful verification response.
      3. ABCD0123457—invalid transaction response. This may happen if the provided account does not support IMPS transactions.
      4. ABCD0123458—transaction limit may have been reached. This may happen if, at the time of the penny drop, the transaction has exceeded the daily IMPS limit for the account. While this is rare, it is still a possibility.
      5. ABCD0123459—downstream service error.
      6. ABCD0123450—pending verification.
      7. ABCD0123467—invalid account details. 
  1. What is masking?

    • Masking is a type of task to mask some sensitive data on a document image. We mask the first 8 digits of the aadhaar number as part of the response.


  1. How can I raise a support ticket? What is the support process?
    1. You can write to us here. Our support team will get back to you with the resolution. Please reach out to us for details about SLAs & escalation matrix.


  1. Do you charge for all API requests?

    1. We only charge for the tasks that are marked as “Completed/Successful” by our system. 


  1. Where are your servers located?

    1. Our servers are located in India - Amazon web services platform (AWS), Mumbai region.


  1. What is your purging policy?

    1. Customer data is always purged after the completion of a task. We have two modes of purging the data - ‘Immediate’ or ‘After x minutes/hours. We purge the document images as well as the PII data from the API request & response. The mode is selected based on the product and use case


  1. What are the certifications that you have?
    1. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified. 
    2. We are also compliant with RBI SAR for data localization.
    3. We have also implemented ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 codes of practice.