This is to apprise you that your UPI DeepLinks account with Setu is disabled as of 24-Mar-2023 due to non-compliance with PA migration formalities in spite of multiple reminders.

As we have previously communicated to you, Setu has been acquired by Pine Labs, and further to this acquisition, we have decided to withdraw our Payment Aggregator (PA) license application, and move our PA services under Pine Labs’ PA License. To ensure a smooth transition for all our valued merchants, certain services would have to be migrated under Pine Labs' PA license. As a merchant onboarded and transacting via Setu, this means that you were required to re-upload your KYC documents and sign the Amendment to the Setu MSA and the PA agreement of Pine Labs - which were not completed per the set deadline of 15-Mar-2023. 

What does this mean?

  1. From 24-Mar-2023, you will no longer be able to generate payment links nor will your customers be able to make payments against previously created links. 

  2. You will no longer be able to initiate refunds via the API or via the Bridge.

  3. You will continue to have access to the Bridge to view any previous transactions and settlement reports. 

Refunds: With the window for initiating refunds being 180 days and since you will no longer be able to initiate refunds via the Bridge/APIs, the refund process will have to be handled manually. This means you must transfer funds [to an account communicated by Setu] with the amount equivalent to the transaction amount for which the refund must be initiated along with the transaction details. 

Chargebacks and Disputes: For chargebacks and disputes raised for previous transactions, Setu will reach out to the designated POCs to submit/share the proof of deliveries, invoices, and any other authorized proof of product/service delivery. If you fail to provide the necessary proof within the due date, Setu will send a debit note followed by a legal notice