Navigate to FIU businesses and select your FIU account. Open the AA product that you want to take live. Complete all the steps and submit for review.

  1. Step 1—Add configuration details

    • Explain your use case: Please ensure this is your actual use case and is limited to what you need. This is subject to review and approval by ReBit and Sahamati.

      • The purpose for integrating a FIU: Choose your use case to use our AA services in this section

      • Select one or more types of data to fetch: AA ecosystem supports 23 FI Types spread across banks, insurance, pension and investment FI types. Please refer to this link to understand this further in-depth 

      • Add consent details: These will be used as the default value for consent creation. You may override value using APIs. Please refer to this link to understand this further in-depth

    • Customise UI: Add your brand details, to help customers recognise you on the pre-built UI

      • Setup your FIU name: Enter the legal name of FIU. This will be shown on the consent approval UI.

      • Logo: Upload an image or provide a link stating the log to display on the custom UI your setting up. Please note: The logo should have a width: height ratio of 3:1

      • Brand Colours: Setup the UI with unique colours or specifically aligned to your brand colours by adding the relevant HEX

      • Font: Set up your font to display on the consent page for users to view. You could choose from the set font options or upload a custom font. 

    • Set up customer flow: Customise the three pages your customers will see

      • Page 1: Login: 

        • Reason for requesting data from your customer: This is displayed as the answer to “Why are you sharing data?”, on the consent approval UI. Explain in a clear, simple way. This is subject to review and approval by Sahamati.
          NOTE: Showing the reason is mandatory as per Sahamati guidelines. Currently, we support showing reason only on Page 3.

      • Page 2: Fetch and select data to share:

      • Page 3: Approve sharing of data

    • Add test callback URL: This is where you will receive notifications. Make sure you conform to the Setu spec as described here

    • Consent template: Reduce your integration effort with these developer-specific utilities. For data fetch sessions that fetch data from more than one FIP, toggling this on will allow you to fetch data from FIPs that respond, without getting blocked by FIPs, who fail to respond. See how this works here

  2. Step 2—Test your product
    Use these credentials for API calls on Sandbox. You will get production keys only after going live. For more details navigate to our API docs.

  3. Step 3—Add details for production
    This is where you will receive notifications once the product moves to production. Make sure you conform to the Setu spec as described here. This will be used to send notifications and FI data when your APP is live. Once the app is live, in case you want the production callback URL to be changed again, you will have to reach out to us at with the update request.

  4. Step 4—Add KYC details
    Please fill in the KYC details of FIU in this section. 

  1. Step 5—Submit for review
    Once you complete all 4 steps please submit your account for review. Our onboarding team will reach out to you at the earliest. 

This is a basic onboarding flow that you will have to follow to move your account to production and running. Do feel free to write to us for further assistance here.