What is Setu KYC?

Setu KYC is an umbrella of user verification data blocks to validate customers or businesses. Setu works with multiple government agencies and partners to help organizations validate identity.

Setu KYC offers PAN verification, Aadhar verification, Bank account verification, Digilocker Verification, and Aadhar-based E-Sign.

Pick one or more data blocks from our KYC verification bundle. Get details instantly over API with industry-best response times. Type of data blocks that we are solving for : 

  • PAN 

  • Adhaar KYC
  • Digilocker
  • Bank account verification

  • Check the name, category, and validity instantly
  • Use one API for individuals/businesses
  • Verify straight from NSDL

  • Adhaar KYC: Offline Aadhaar KYC, or OKYC, is a legally compliant KYC method as per UIDAI guidelines. Your customers can provide their Aadhaar number and verify with an OTP sent to their Aadhaar-linked mobile number, to access a downloadable XML file with their Aadhaar detailsThis file has all details that can be derived from an Aadhaar card—like name, gender, DOB, and address—and is locked by default. Your customer sets up a 4-digit access code that can be used to unlock the contents of this file. Link

  • Get all details with Aadhaar input
  • Ensure privacy with base 64 encoded encryption
  • Integrate pre-built, theme-able UI

  • DigilockerDigiLocker is a document wallet from the Government of India. Citizens can use it to store digital versions of various documents, including Aadhaar card, driving license, marks sheets, ration card, and much more. Documents are fetched into DigiLocker directly from the source of the issuer and are deemed to be at par with original physical documents as per Rule 9A of the Information Technology Rules, 2016. Documents can also be uploaded by citizens, for storage on DigiLocker. Link

  • Verify via authorized government sources
  • Reduce document file uploads
  • Validate users, even new to DigiLocker

  • Bank account verification: Setu Bank account verification API allows you to use just one API to verify your customer's Bank account details. We integrate with RBI-licensed banks to provide bank account verification services. ₹1 is credited to the bank account that has to be verified. Link

  • Verify private or public bank accounts
  • Use one API for current or savings accounts
  • Choose between async or sync modes

How can I sign up for Setu KYC?