With Setu BillPay, you can enable a complete BBPS bill payment experience for your customers—from choosing the business to pay to fetching and paying bills—on your app or website. If you are a BBPS biller, you can even collect payments to your business directly.

Setu BBPS BillPay connects with NPCI and provides simple RESTful APIs, some of which are asynchronous. This means you may consume only the APIs or optionally subscribe to the notifications Setu provides via webhooks.

You may integrate with Setu in any of the following ways—

  • API integration—Register as an agent institution and use Setu APIs. Build your own screens and use your own payment gateway.

  • Website integration—1-line integration with pre-built screens. They have an inbuilt UPI payment option.

  • App integration—Integrate with pre-built screens as web views in your app. Support for Android and iOS. It has an inbuilt UPI payment option.