Here’s a checklist for a regulated and licensed entity to become an FIU in the AA ecosystem. Setu helps you get onboarded on the Central Registry, taking away compliance and certification complexity.



Process owner


Submission of FIU's license

To be shared with Sahamati to establish eligibility to become an FIU


FIU to share this with Setu. Setu then shares this with Sahamati as part of our certification process.

Customer experience guidelines checklist

To serve as a common reference for all AA ecosystem participants with respect to the dos and don'ts of Customer experience design


Setu shares this with Sahamati on the FIU’s behalf

Legal adherence guidelines checklist

To examine and verify the legal boundaries around the roles of each party, particularly with respect to data privacy protection principles, against a set of principles that the AA committee has decided


Setu shares this with Sahamati on the FIU’s behalf

FIU certification

To ensure interoperability and adherence to technical standards specified by ReBIT. Read more here.


Setu completes the certification process on FIU’s behalf in partnership with Aujas

Central registry onboarding

To be discoverable by other entities in the ecosystem such as AAs and FIPs


Setu shares the necessary payload to get the FIU onboarded on the Central Registry

Customer journey demo

To demonstrate the customer journey of approving a consent


FIU's consent flow gets reviewed