Setu offers two types of Account Aggregator products. Here we have listed potential businesses who could consider using our various products.

The two products target different customers, and this is an indicative list of potential customers.

Product Name

Type of Customers

Setu FIU

Direct Customers: Setu FIU is used by businesses interested in integrating with AA to participate as a user of financial information. We provide the consent screens needed to enable any consumer to review and approve any data required by such businesses.

  • Digital Lenders (LendingKart, Recur Club, etc)

  • Banks & NBFCs ( Kotak Mahindra, Muthoot, etc.)

  • Personal Finance Management Apps (Jar, Smallcase, Spenny)

  • Neobanks (Jupiter, Open, etc.)

  • Many others with more data types are coming on board the framework

Agya Account Aggregator

TSPs: Agya Account Aggregator is a certified entity that allows Technical Service Providers (TSPs) to enable services in the AA ecosystem, that an AA cannot or chooses not to participate in. Some examples include—

  • FIU TSPs - Anyone who wants to build flows for consumer data consent and sharing data with FIUs ( Setu, FinBox, etc.)

  • Data processors - Perfios, FinBit, Karza

  • Resellers - Any organization that wishes to sell Agya’s AA services

  • FIP TSPs - Organizations that specialize in onboarding and management of financial institutions that want to provide data via the AA framework.

Consumers - Citizens who utilize AAs consent and data fetch services to share their financial data securely.

Agya’s app can also used by consumers directly. These are citizens who utilise AA to review data requests from various FIUs, and either consent to or reject sharing their financial data.