Setu’s API solution can complete a customer’s KYC with offline Aadhaar real-time—with your own screens on your app or website. With this, you will get a downloadable, locked XML file with Aadhaar information from your customers.

The following APIs are required to enable this flow—

  • Create an OKYC request—Create an OKYC request for your customer. You will get a unique id in response, which can be used to track this particular request.

  • Initiate OKYC Request—Initialise the OKYC request for your customer with the previously returned request id and receive an base64 encoded captchaImage from Setu. Once you have called this API, you can redirect your customer to your OKYC screens to collect the Aadhaar number and captcha from your customer.

  • Verify OKYC Request—Share the aadhaarNumber and captchaCode, collected from your customer, with Setu. Next, redirect your customer to a screen to collect OTP sent to your customer’s Aadhaar-linked mobile number. Also, request your customer to enter a 4-digit share code—this code will be used to unlock your customer’s fetch Aadhaar XML file.

  • Complete OKYC Request—Share the collected otp and shareCode to complete the verification process. Next, you can call the Get OKYC request status API. Once the OKYC request has been processed successfully, you will get customer details from the Aadhaar and the XML file link in the response.

  • Get OKYC request status—Get customer verification status by providing the request id and, optionally, the shareCode.