Setu DigiLocker APIs can be used to fetch documents of your users instantly—with their consent.

Here’s a quick run-through of the APIs—

  • Create a DigiLocker request—Create a request to start the user journey, with which you can get user consent and then fetch the document from the user’s Digi locker. You get an id in response, which you can use to track this request throughout the journey.

  • Get DigiLocker request status—Check the status of a request created by passing the request id, at any point in the journey.

  • Get the list of all docs available—Get a global list of all documents that DigiLocker lets you fetch and the identifiers required to fetch a particular document.

  • Fetch a document—Get the document the user has consented to share with you, made available as a file URL to download. All docs, other than Aadhaar, can be fetched with this API.

  • Fetch Aadhaar data—Fetch Aadhaar document data in JSON format as well as an XML file. The API response is consistent with our OKYC APIs, which aids in replacing OKYC with DigiLocker, for carrying out Aadhaar KYC.

  • Revoke access token—Revoke the OAuth user token once necessary user documents are fetched.