The sandbox environment does not connect to live bank systems or NPCI systems. Hence, we have developed an API addCreditwhere you can pass certain parameters to simulate a successful transaction. You can check out the API reference here:


  1. Generate a UPI deep link using the create payment link API.

  2. Note the parameter name upiID in the response.

  3. Use this UPI ID in the accountID under destinationAccount.

  4. Use any UPI ID in the accountID under sourceAccount, any amount as float value in rupees (caution: this is different from other Setu APIs where the amount is an integer value in paise), and type as "UPI".

  5. Send the add credit request, and you should receive a 200 OK response.

  6. If you have followed the above steps correctly, the payment status should change to CREDIT_RECEIVED, and you should receive a hit on the callback URL.