• Category list screen, on which all BBPS categories are listed.

  • Biller list screen, on which all billers under a selected category are listed.

  • Customer input screen, where a customer enters identifiers specific to a selected biller before their bill can be fetched.

  • Payment confirmation screen, on which the customer confirms the bill amount and proceeds with the payment.

  • Payment status screen, when payment is being processed and is finally either successful or failed.

  • Confirmation SMS is the text sent after payment is successful or failed.

  • Bill receipt screen, through which a customer can view and download receipts for a successful transaction.

  • Raise a complaint screen where a customer can raise a complaint. Complaints are raised against specific transaction IDs.

  • Complaint status screen, where a customer can see the latest status associated with a registered complaint.

You may use the BBPS logo and branding guidelines provided here.

Here is a BBPS-compliant UX flow and a quick summary of BBPS guidelines to keep in mind—,

  • The app/website UI must contain a button for “Pay bills” with the BBPS logo shown.

  • BBPS logo must be on the top right corner of all screens used by customers during the search of biller or bill and also for screens relating to the payment of the bill.

  • BBPS assured logo must always be shown on the payment successful and receipt pages. The regular BBPS logo can be removed from these.