The two products target different customers, and this is an indicative list of potential customers.

Product Name

Type of Customers

Setu FIU

  • Direct Customers

    • Digital Lenders (LendingKart, Recur Club, etc)

    • Banks & NBFCs ( Kotak Mahindra, Muthoot, etc.)

    • Personal Finance Management Apps (Jar, Smallcase, Spenny)

    • Neobanks (Jupiter, Open, etc.)

    • Many others with more data types are coming on board the framework

Agya Account Aggregator

TSPs: Technical Service Providers who handle parts of the value chain that an AA cannot or chooses not to participate in:

  • FIU TSPs - Anyone who wants to build flows for consumer data consent and sharing data with FIUs ( Setu, FinBox, etc.)

  • Data processors: Perfios, FinBit, Karza

  • Resellers - Any organization that wishes to sell Agya’s AA services

  • FIP TSPs - Organizations that specialize in onboarding and management of financial institutions that want to provide data via the AA framework.

Consumers - Citizens who utilize AAs consent and data fetch services to share their financial data securely.