Types of statuses

  • BAV_REVERSE_PENNY_DROP_CREATED if the request was created successfully.

  • BAV_REVERSE_PENNY_DROP_FAILED, something went wrong. Payment should not be attempted with this request id.

  • BAV_REVERSE_PENNY_DROP_EXPIRED, upon expiry of the payment link for the customer. No payments can be made with expired links. The expiry is triggered as per the validUpto field or within 24 hours, whichever comes first.

  • BAV_REVERSE_PENNY_DROP_PAYMENT_SUCCESSFUL, when your user has successfully paid and Setu’s banking partner has sent a credit alert with bank account details.

  • BAV_REVERSE_PENNY_DROP_PAYMENT_FAILED, when an issue occurs during payment by your user or at Setu’s banking partner’s end. The payment, if made, will be auto-refunded.