eSign APIs can be used to collect legally binding signatures on a document, for up to 6 signers.

Here’s a quick run-through of the APIs—

  1. Upload document—Upload a PDF document to be signed.
  2. Create signature request—Create a signature request with a defined signer(s) and a redirect URL. You get an id in-response, which you can use to track the signature request.
  3. Get the status of the signature request—Get details against a signature request by passing the signature request id.
  4. Download document—Download a signed document by passing the signature request id.

If using flexible esign, you need to first upload the signing config and then the flow of API calls remains the same as above. Uploading the signing config is a one time task, if config does not change.

Additionally, here are the URLs you would need for these APIs—

  • Sandbox—
  • Production—
  • Headers—Contact Setu for providing the credentials required to successfully call Setu APIs. This contains:
    • x-client-id
    • x-client-secret
    • x-product-instance-id