S: NOReport ParametersMeaning
1Platform Bill IDA unique Bill ID generated for every transaction by Setu
2Biller Bill IDIdentifier created by the biller for every bill
3Biller MCCMerchant Category Code of the biller. Applicable for UPI Deeplink Products Only
4Platform Bill StatusStatus of the bill in Setu System
4.1SETTLEMENT_SUCCESSFULThe money is settled in the merchant/Biller account.
4.2SETTLEMENT_FAILEDThe attempt to settle money to merchant/Biller account has failed - generally, we would either resolve this internally with the next batch of settlement or reach out to you in case there is some additional info required.
4.3BILL_EXPIREDThe UPI link has expired either by the default timeline or the timeline set by the customer.
4.4BILL_CREATEDThe UPI link or BBPS Transaction link is created.
4.5PAYMENT_SUCCESSFULThe user had made a successful payment for a transaction
4.6PAYMENT_FAILEDThe user has made a payment but it failed due to some validation reasons or bankside issue (rare scenario).
4.7CREDIT_RECEIVEDThe money is received by Bank Partners to Setu's Bank account.
5Amount TotalExact amount billed for the end customer
6Amount PaidAmount paid by the end customer
7Payment InstrumentVarious modes of payment available by the end customer to make the payment
8Payment DatePayment date and time details
9Payment Reference IDUnique payment ID as shared by UPI/BBPS network
10Payment ReceiptThe receipt generated against the payment by Biller/Merchant/Setu
11Settlement DateDate of Settlement to the Biller/Merchant
12Settlement UTRSettlement UTR details for the biller/merchant
13Primary Account NumberPrimary bank account associated with the biller/merchant
14Primary Account IFSCPrimary bank IFSC associated with the biller/merchant
15Primary Account NamePrimary bank account name associated with the biller/merchant
16Primary Account Settlement AmountSettlement amount sent to the primary bank account
17Total Settlement AmountTotal amount settled for a transaction to biller/merchant
18Split SettlementsDescription of each part of the split in settlement
19BPC TotalTotal bill payment charges deducted by Setu
20BPC (%)Percentage on the basis of which the bill payment charge is calculated
21BPC FLATFlat fee calculation of bill payment charge
22GST TotalTotal GST charged on bill payment
23GST(%)Percentage fee on the basis of which the GST is calculated
24GST FLATFlat fee calculation of GST