The Bridge, a completely revamped Setu Console, lets you integrate with Setu’s financial products, manage live integrations, and view transaction & settlement reports.

Some important changes from the old Setu Console—

  • Products → Instead of a single Biller ID for all payment channels, you will now see a unique Biller ID for each payment channel you have integrated with. Each biller ID corresponds to a unique product configuration. You can click on Configured products to see all configurations you have created. Please note that the product configurations you are live with, will only show on the Production environment on the Bridge. Switch to Production environment by clicking the top border, to view transactions for live product configurations. Here’s how.

  • Reports → We have upgraded Reports to display both transactions & settlements data with new, advanced filters and search. View up to 25,000 records and instantly download CSV for any search result. Reports can be viewed both for Sandbox / Production product configurations. 

  • User Management → Add users with different permissions to your account—Admin, Developer, Maintainer & Reporter and give access to some or all Sandbox / Production product configurations.